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Creaky limbs stretching At the sun’s first light Wiggly fingers waving At the ceiling’s height Green leaves swirling At the wind’s silent hush Ku-koo-roo-koooo Sang the harbinger of dawn © Geenha Writes

Nature’s Wrath

Stack in the middle Of whimpering earth Brushing-by bodies On a honey-hunt Oblivious to her grumble Unaware of her wrath They all fail to see Seasons, breaking Now free from the rut Supremacy’s battle Between dry and wet The earth, impish Leaving quakes uncouth The wind, wilding Trailing blood and dust Scrapers whirling Wailing danceContinue reading “Nature’s Wrath”

Ode to Dreams

Many a time, I recall our time together,With not a worry as to the worldMy smile at you bears not a hint of fearYour gaze at me, bold and sweet Yesterday we sat curled up on the boulderFor a while at our favourite spotWe had not a bit of careNone but this moment when weContinue reading “Ode to Dreams”

The Journey Home

Just this morning I picked up my bag pack Then it started to rain It felt like the universe was mourning The decision I was about to make My resolve began to wane Still, I kept on walking Then I caught sight of your shirt The one I used to bury beneath my pillow IContinue reading “The Journey Home”