A moment of transformation

Ordinary to extraordinary

Unknown to insightful


A moment quite rare

Anticipated by most


Tens and tens of times

She screamed

Excitement colouring her voice

The life-changing spot

Or so she thought

Then she lost count

So many Eurekas in one lifetime

Moments full of meaning

Yet failing to give meaning

She was like a painting

Bathed in black soot

Lost in a dump of scribbles

A mix of words

Plump with memories of excitement

Buried beneath all that dust

She was like a box

Covered in glitchy colors

Her words sprinkled over her

Laid to rest where the worms lie

Nothing to see here, they said

Just a soul frayed

Her purpose, one too many

Even in the fading distance

Bright as butter, her scream

Eureka!!! But not for the last time

© Geenha Writes

Submission to the #whatdoyousee challenge.


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