I’ve been trying to write a post on the act of comparison, but it wasn’t going the way I wanted it.

Then something happened today, and it made me laugh and cry at the same time.

I’ve always had health problems, and they have had me on a rollercoaster of emotions all my life.

Today, I received yet another disturbing news about my health, one that made me sad.

While I was busy lamenting about my problem, a girl replied to my status. I had posted my picture on my Whatsapp status the night before, and she replied saying that she loved my skin so much and she would very much like to know my skincare routine.

It was both funny and sad.

Here I was, worrying about my health and being tired of my life, while someone else was busy admiring my skin and saying she would love to be like me.

It was pretty overwhelming and ironic at the same time.

There are various dangers of comparison, but the primary reason you should not compare yourself to others is that no one has a perfect life or has all he wants or needs. The person you think has a perfect life, does not and that person you feel has everything does not.

But they look so happy and cheerful all the time, you might say.

Well, very few people wear their problems on their faces. We all smile and act like we are okay even when we aren’t.

Most people around me do not know of my health problems; all they see is a girl who walks head high and looks her best most of the time.

Am I sad? No.

Do I compare myself to others? Sometimes, because I am human. But I always remind myself that those people’s lives aren’t perfect, and they have problems to contend.

Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t.

Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t.
Your problems might be challenging, but you are handling them your way.

I’m almost sure that if I had told that girl who liked my skin that she could have it alongside my health problems, while I take her skin however bad she thought it was, she’d refuse.

So there is no need for comparisons.

Be you.

Do you.

For you.

And most importantly, Love yourself.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are more reasons you shouldn’t compare yourself to others.

I will mention a few of them in the next part of this series.

Until next time, Au revoir💕

©️ Geenha


20 thoughts on “Comparison – A Pitfall You Should Avoid

  1. Comparing often leads to more dissatisfaction and effect more health. Wish you heal up with your health soon and stay happy within yourself. Let people say what they have to. No one will understand what are you feeling from inside except the one who truly cares for you.

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  2. Amazing way to present. Healthy comparison is somewhat fine but the one you mentioned or unhealthy one can eats you inside out. Wonderful message with wonderful post.Wish you a healthy,happy and tension free life ahead 👍👍👍

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