In the previous article, Part 1, I identified the first three steps that would surely help you overcome your fears and the easy ways to do it.

In this part, I will highlight three more steps to overcoming your fears.

Let’s jump right in!

4. Accept The Key to Growth

What is the key to growth?

Toddlers do not just get up one morning with the ability to walk. They shuffle and topple countless times before they finally walk without falling.

Why does it happen this way?

According to Jody L. Jensen, Ph.D., professor of kinesiology at the University of Texas, toddlers fall into their steps. They follow the step, step, and fall process. They repeat this cycle until their muscles get accustomed to walking.

The above example highlights the relationship between failure and growth.

People that fear making mistakes and avoid them always remain stagnant. When you don’t try, you won’t fail. If you don’t fail, you can’t learn. If you don’t learn, you will never grow.

How will you learn if you don’t make blunders and improve yourself?

When I began learning French, I was nervous about speaking because I assumed I was no good at pronunciation. So I decided to wait until I was better at it.

After months of learning, I had my first conversation with some French friends I met. I hope you would not be surprised when I tell you that I could not speak a word because I froze.

Previously, I didn’t know that was a thing. I was so embarrassed that I left the group call and found my way to Google search. I discovered that it was a regular occurrence for every beginner, and the more I practiced speaking, the better I would get.

Tips to remember:

While growth is a necessary ingredient of success, it is just as important as failing because without failure, there can never be growth, and without growth, success would never come to be.

The real problem lies not in making mistakes but in not learning from your mistakes.

5. Borrow a Second Pair of Eyes

There are moments in your life when you see yourself through someone else’s eyes, when your only hope of believing you’re capable of doing something is because someone else believes it for you.”

Marc Acito

Most of us have a warped view of ourselves due to insecurities or low self-esteem. Hence, we fail to see our strengths, and our mind tells us we can’t because that is what we have convinced ourselves to believe.

When I told my friend about my apprehension of starting a blog, he said, “You are a good writer; everyone sees it. You are the only one that doesn’t because you refuse to believe it. If you don’t believe it, that is fine, but I believe it, and if you trust me, you would believe me.”

Well, I did trust him and that was all I needed to know.

Do you have a close friend? The one you can trust to tell you the truth? Why don’t you ask for their opinion and hear what they have to say? You’d be surprised to know they see you in a different light, better than how you view yourself.

6. The SSN Method

What is the SSN method?

Stop, Start, Now.

You have been thinking about this for days, but your mind may never welcome this new idea. It will keep protesting and coming up with excuses until you abandon the idea. You’re overthinking; STOP.

You want to do tons of research before you start, you want it to be perfect, but you’re only lying to yourself. You’re dilly-dallying; it’s time to START.

You have finally decided to do it, but today is almost gone; maybe you should wait until tomorrow or next week, or next month. No, tomorrow is too late. The right time to start is NOW.


We have come to the end of this two-part series, Six steps to overcoming your fear of trying new things.

As you try these six steps, remember the words of the Latin writer, Publilius Syrus;

No one knows what he can do until he tries.

So which of these steps will you be trying soon? Do you have a method that helps you overcome your fears?

Would you please share with us in the comment section?

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Until next time, Au revoir 💕

©️ Geenha


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