Have you ever had an idea pop into your head out of nowhere? An idea to try something you have never done before or to learn a skill, try a new hobby or a business idea?

Well, I have been in that situation, and almost every time, I managed to quench the idea with a bucketload of doubts within the next few minutes.

Neophobia is the fear of doing something you have never done before.

Although it is normal for these doubts to come up, the question is, how long will you keep letting them limit you?

How long will you hold yourself back from growth?

How can you overcome that fear and try that thing you have never done before?

#1. Accept your fears

Fears are like weeds, unwanted but always present. You try to uproot one today, and another is taking its place tomorrow. But a gardener won’t allow that to stop him from planting beautiful flowers, will he?

I am writing this article and, at the same time, wondering if there is an ounce of sense in it if someone will read it and say, Yeah, this could work for me too, and a lot of other scary thoughts. But I do not let these fears stop me because I know they will always be present, if I keep writing or not.

You are always going to have fears, worries and that is okay. It comes with the humanity package. It is time to ignore them and take the next step forward to growth and self-accomplishment.

#2. Use your fears

Like I stated earlier, it is normal to have fears. It shows that you are cautious and trying to avoid mistakes. That is an excellent thing.

Instead of letting them limit you, why don’t you use them to give yourself a push?

When I had the idea to start blogging again, all of those old doubts and fears came rushing at me. So, I picked up a pen and paper; I made a list of my fears and how I could overcome each one.

For example, I was worried that I did not know how to write the perfect blog article. So I did some research about it, wrote down some points, and that made me feel so much better.

In a nutshell, use your fears to propel you forward, to try harder, and to be better.

#3. Get rid of high expectation

High expectations, very grave concern indeed. Questions such as “Can I make money from this blog? Will people like it? Is it perfect?” are examples of high expectations.

While it is good to have some expectations, they can be like a burden that slows you down and stops you from moving.

Seven or eight months ago, I decided to learn French again after trying and stopping countless times. Almost immediately, I was making plans on how soon I could use the language to get a job and make money, and so on. High expectations again, but this time I decided not to let them stay.

I reduced the pressure I placed on myself by setting short-term goals, like studying for at least 30 minutes every day, learning one new word every day, et cetera.

Looking back now, I am glad to see how far I have come and that I was right in throwing off those high expectations.

Transform your high expectation into short-term goals that are achievable and measurable. They will speak of your growth, even when it is not apparent to you and others.

I just went through this, and it seems like a lot. I do tend to get carried away with writing at times. My bad.

We have three more steps to go on how to overcome your fear of trying new things. I will highlight them in my next blog post.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any tips on overcoming fears? Please share them with us in the comment section below.

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Until next time, Au revoir 💕

© Geenha


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