How does your browser look when you have many open tabs? Congested? Overwhelming?

Statistics say that opening too many tabs on your browser stresses your brain and makes it hard for you to focus or remember things.

Now imagine your brain is the browser.

Numerous plans and ideas are running in the background, and you can barely keep up with them.

If you have experienced this at any time, then you might understand the reason your browser seems congested.

Overworking a machine like your phone or computer can lead to overheating.

Similarly, when your brain is trying hard to keep up with your demands, it “overheats.”Hence you feel stressed, your head is aching, you can’t sleep, and when you do, you wake up feeling tired.

I experienced this problem recently, and I will share a few tips that have worked for me.

You versus the tabs in your head

What is the first line of action when your closet is bursting at its brim?

Open the door

Some people, like me, are apprehensive about “opening the door” of their thoughts. We’d rather keep stuffing things in it and let it be.

Imagine a child scared of needles but has to take an injection. What do you do to make them less terrified?

You can persuade the child with a gift or distract them with something colourful or a favourite toy.

Your mind is like that child.

It fears what lies beyond the door. It will do anything to avoid it. So you have to treat it like a child and coax it with a gift or a distraction.

Take the time to discover intelligent tactics that can persuade your mind or distract it, so you can open the door to see what lies beyond it.

Sort through your thoughts

As a writer, this method has worked for me over the years. Although it seems like a lot of work, it is worth the effort.

I think of this process as using a wet vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner clears up spills or dirt using a hose to transfer the debris into the vacuum bag.

In the same vein, you need to tidy up your mind, and writing down your thoughts is a way of transferring the debris from your mind to a physical or electronic note.

So get a note and pen or use a notepad on your phone. Write down the thoughts running through your head.

Doing this helps you organize your thoughts and makes your brain feel less cluttered, so be sure to get everything down.

Create categories

Stress happens because your mind is worried. The worrying is due to helplessness, which stems from a failure to sort out your thoughts.

Now your mind feels powerless and incompetent.

Creating categories gives your mind the feeling of efficiency and control. It eliminates worry, thereby reducing your mental stress.

Hence you have to categorize your tasks. Place them into four categories; Urgent and important, Important but non-urgent, Urgent and unimportant, Unimportant and non-urgent.

What if you have multiple tasks in one day?

The 15/30 minutes rule

Some of us find it challenging to focus for long periods.

For me, it’s a personality thing. As an INTP, I prefer to solve issues in my head than actively doing them. So I quickly get bored and tired when performing tasks.

The 15/30 minutes rule is what I use to manage this trait.

You can set a timer for 15 – 30 minutes; this depends on the task’s duration and how your level of focus. Start the first task. When the timer rings, you are probably done with the first task. Then reset the timer and begin the next one.

If you get tired, take short breaks of 5 or 10 minutes in between tasks. By being consistent, you can complete your tasks before the intended deadline.

Ideas or goals?

If you are always thinking of something new to try or achieve, you’re a goal-getter or a creative.

Unfortunately, some ideas can make a lot of sense theoretically, but they’re not so practical when you decide to go for it.

To avoid such issues, you can create a mind map. A mind map is a technique used to break down goals, ideas, and concepts into steps or processes.

Mind maps help you to simplify your ideas and monitor your progress.

You can check for more mind map templates here.


Always remember that although your brain is a powerhouse, it can only do so much. You can avoid the debilitating effects of stress if you take the proper measures.

Like the title of this post, I did have 37 tabs opened on my phone browser, and some were over a month old. I finally decided to close them yesterday, but my browser crashed before I could do it.

Unfortunately, I lost a lot of information. I felt terrible because I could have avoided this situation in the first place. On the other hand, it has shown me a practical reason not to overstress my brain; I hope it does the same for you.

Would you please tell us some tips that have worked for you in the comment section? I look forward to learning from you.

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Until next time, Au revoir

©️ Geenha


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