At 11 am, on the 15th day of January 2022, I bought my domain name,

I used the last cash I had, even if I was unsure.

I’ve always planned to buy a domain name and that was my problem, “Planning”.

I spend more time planning than I do acting.

We all like planning and being in control of things. We want everything to go our way, but life rarely agrees with us.

Maybe it doesn’t want to be controlled, or it enjoys taking leaps of faith, too.

I dunno.

Why did I “take a leap” today?

It might not seem a big deal, but buying a domain name means I have to step up to a new responsibility.

It might seem risky, but there is a difference.

A risk is jumping and hoping that you will land but a leap of faith is jumping and believing that you will land. One way or the other, you will.

Remember, we can never be sure of any outcome. After researching and planning, statistics might assure us of 99.9% success.

But only one thing can add the remaining 0.1 percent; Believing in the outcome.

This 0.1% transforms risk into a leap of faith.

I don’t know if this makes sense, probably not. But I learnt that sometimes we need not understand the process, just believe in the outcome.

What if you took a leap, but the outcome is not up to expectation?

Remember, the outcome you are seeing might be part of the process too.

Even when it seems to be over, it isn’t.

Only take more leaps of faith.

Until next time,

Au revoir

© Geenha


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