The day was October 25th, the time was around 8:35pm when I had a near-death experience.

And no, it did not rain.

I never liked rainy days, for different reasons. One was my health, and the other was because they made me moody.

I guess I still had the childlike thinking that rainy days meant the universe was crying.

So it’s not surprising that I expected some tears the day I died to show that the universe was sad at my leaving.

I remember staring at the sky that day and thinking about how much I still wanted to get burnt under the sunshine and curl my body in my bed on rainy days.

But no matter how loath I was to leave the universe, it still did not rain on that day.

In life, you meet different people, some you care about and others you love deeply.

Yet many quotes warn about love and friendships and fakeness and people not giving you a hundred per cent.

If you love your friends and family, and they love you too, Why do you still need to be conscious of how much you give and how much they give you?

It didn’t rain the day I died because good old Mr Universe didn’t care one bit, despite my expectations.

The only people that cared were not those I loved and didn’t want to leave, but those that loved me and didn’t want me to leave them.

Yes, there’s a difference.

It’s human nature to appreciate those who love you. 

This appreciation is what some of us mistake for love.

A friendship or any other relationship can only bloom when the two parties genuinely love one another.

It doesn’t have to be equal, but there must be no large margins in between.

Imagine how nice it would be if we focused our energy and love on the people that genuinely love us too.

Those who do not love you for what you do for them, but because of the genuine love they have for you.

No friendship or relationship is more beautiful than this.

It did not rain the day I died. I guess the universe forgot to weep at my departure, or maybe It did not care enough to shed a few tears.

But my loved ones did, and that was enough for me.

© Geenha


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