On some days, I feel like I’m trapped in a sandstorm; swamped with pain, desperate and confused while on other days, I feel like I’m stuck in an hourglass, the weight of time slowly catching up on me, filling me with anxieties.

But recently, I realised that time can be like a flood too.

I was looking through my old pictures last week and I noticed that some people who were close to me are not in my life anymore.

Some moved far away, some barely kept in touch and others, well, we don’t talk anymore.

So what happened?

The flood called Time. Or should I say erosion?

Time can take people away from us suddenly or sometimes its effect isn’t felt immediately, like an erosion.

Both parties grow apart slowly, until there’s nothing left of the relationship.

It’s easy for us to overlook the power time has over everyone. 

There was a time when my friend hurt me. I was obsessed with trying to understand why. I wondered if the pain would stop and if I could still be friends with her.

That was years ago.

Now, I barely even remember.

Time brings us closer to people but it takes us away from others. Time brings hurt into our lives while healing us from other painful memories. Time reveals our ignorance yet it makes us learn and experience other things. 

Do your bit and let time do the rest

Someone told me this when I was struggling with learning french (PS I’m still struggling). I took the advice. I focused on being consistent and observing how time imparted my progress.

Every week, every month and I did see progress, no matter how small, I celebrated it.

Many of us do more than our bit, especially when we’re determined to learn and to achieve something. Unfortunately, we forget to let time play its part.

Growth is a mixture of consistency and time, without time our consistency won’t achieve anything.

Give yourself time.

That brings us to the question, Is our time enough?

I hear people say things like, you’ll forget about them in a short time, or you can learn a language in three months.


Think about this;

The last time you had to heal from something, how long was it?

The last time you had to learn something, how long did it take?

I was taught English in school yet I still learn every day. So it makes sense that I’ll probably spend the rest of my life learning French and that’s okay.

It’s not enough to acknowledge the power time has over us.

We must give ourselves time; enough time – Time to hurt, time to heal, time to forgive, time to forget, time to be ignorant, time to improve, and time to achieve.


10 thoughts on “Living in the Hourglass- Time

      1. Damn, you’re so good girl. Your write is so apt and this is motivated me. Especially the part where you said ” I’ll probably spend the rest of my life learning French and that’s okay.”
        I’ll let time do the rest for me.
        I’m glad I read this this morning

        Liked by 1 person

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