I think I’m the worst kind of writer.
Or human sef.

Life pushed me straight from childhood to adulthood and I can’t even talk about it.

Anytime I try to think about deeper-than-the-surface-stuff, my mind goes screeeech, halt and blank.

I really don’t know why. I’m left with a blank mind, no thoughts, no emotions and an empty screen.*

What Sweet Sixteen Means To Me

Let me say this first.

This isn’t a post about an adult reminiscing her teenage life and how she wishes to go back in time.

I assure you it is not.

This is an adult who moved straight from childhood to adulthood (hm too many hoods). Yes, I’ve been one for that long.

Sweet Sixteen, do they still call it that?

When I was a child, I did think I’d get the sweet sixteen package.
I had read a lot of books and at sixteen, I think I expected to have my first season (Thank you, Julia Quinn)

That illusion vanished at age 12.

I know I was a child at some point but the rest is unclear. I didn’t get to do a pinch of what I imagined.

Yes, I was a child with dreams.

(Finally, the lessons; I talk too much)

Some 10 Life Lessons From My Teens

  • A good farmer never looks at the clouds I.e to not allow the obvious discourage me from trying
  • I have two hands just like a man does
  • Rely on no one but my God and myself
  • Optimism is as powerful as obtaining
  • Good things do not come to those who wait, but to those who work while waiting
  • Applaud others even if I never get a turn
  • Avoid competitions, even with myself
  • A child sits at the door waiting for the parent; I’m not that child and neither is life
  • Each day has anxieties, so cherish one moment at a second

That was a lot more than I expected!

What I think about learning these lessons

I think I ought to talk about the circumstances the lessons came with but not yet.

I guess the next question is, “Was it a good thing to learn those lessons at that age?”

I see people transition from teenagers into young adults and it’s like a culture shock. Only I got mine earlier.

First come first serve right?

Life will still serve everybody breakfast, it’s only the timing that’s different.

Thank you for reading.

À plus tard

*Here’s my writing hack for filling up an empty screen

I simply open the Medium app and read other writers’ posts.
There’s alway I see something that moves me to write about my opinions too.

And I saw one just before writing this.
It was quite admirable.
You can check it out here, Who am I

It’s about defying the odds and growing into someone you’d respect.
Anything about defying odds, count me in.


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