A little kindness goes a long way

One of the worst things that can happen is meeting rude and unkind people when you leave your house.

It can sour your whole day.

Unfortunately for me, I met one last week — a bank cashier.

After standing and waiting for an hour, he told me my transaction was unsuccessful, and there was nothing he could do. Then he walked away.

No apologies, no sorry for the delay, nothing.

People like this can ruin your day.

The experience is like a dark cloud that hangs above you all day and spoils your mood.

Kindness costs nothing

I still remember the last person I asked for directions.

He took his time to describe the way in detail, even sympathizing with me because I looked exhausted.

That event stuck with me.

There’s no cost you pay to be kind and polite to people. It doesn’t cost anything. Instead, it gives you something.

It reminds you that you’re human because kindness equals humanity.

Kindness means everything

Let’s forget how people feel when you are kind to them.

How do you feel when people are kind to you?

You had had days when you needed help from a stranger. Or days when a kind word from someone would have soothed you.

It is days like these that should remind you to be kind.

Because when nobody gives you those things, you understand how it feels and why you should be kind when you can.

What Now?

Look around you. How many smiling faces do you see daily?

Those unsmiling faces are a reminder. A reminder that everyone has it hard.

So, a little kindness can go a long way for everyone.

Don’t be the reason someone loses the motivation they had.

Stay home if you have no humanity to share.

© Geenha Odafe


5 thoughts on “Stay Home if You Have No Humanity To Share

  1. I agree. I had an encounter with a very unfriendly shopkeeper. It ruined my day. I thought it was all my fault while I was polite and even wished her a nice day.

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