Dear Imposter, I know. I know why you drag your feet, why you hesitate to tell people about your new craft.

You fear. The moment they will need confirmation, anything that will test your new abilities. A knowledge you barely even have.

You are a fake. Faking it until you make it, except you aren’t sure you would ever make it.

Yes, I know these things. That tireless voice in your head, I hear it too. In my head, it speaks, never letting me rest.

They are right. We are frauds, you and I. Each of us putting up this front. Acting like we know what we are doing when we don’t.

They say people are mirrors, that tell you who you are. So allow me. Let me be your mirror today, because I see you.

We see you. I see your efforts, how you keep learning and learning, even when your brain is a pea size close to exploding.

I admire you. We admire the insecurities that are a beautiful part of you, they hold you in place and keep you on your toes.

We respect you. I respect the drive that makes you fail every day, yet you return the next day ready to fail again.

You are a flower, a flower in its budding stage.

So speak to that voice today; Yes, you are an imposter. An imposter flower. A bud, almost grown and ready to glow.

Now reach out. Reach out to someone, a total beginner today. Ask if they need help and see, if you have anything worthwhile to teach. Right there you will find the truth, lying in waiting for you.

Dear Imposter, you belong. In this journey to excellence, because you truly have earned your place.

Dear Imposter, you will do great. There is no question about that nor has there ever been.

You will do just fine. But only until you get out of your way.

Sending you love and light,

Your fellow Imposter.

©️ Georgina Odafe


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